We are an experienced branding and design agency based in Johannesburg South Africa. We take design beyond the computer screen, applying it to diverse areas such as logo identity and branding, design and packaging, websites and digital, magazines and books, content marketing and advertising.

Clever, conceptual and boundless creativity that looks as good as it sells, our design mingles fact with intuition through an intimate understanding of our clients brand and developing the best method required to not only achieve their goals but exceed them.

We are the solution to your printing requirements. Over 10 years experience in print and a vast array of clients who only expect the best quality. We offer expert advice and varied options on every printing aspect to suit your requirements and a strong understanding of market dynamics and requirements.

Everything you see has been through a design process of some kind. Creating something from nothing is what we do best and we do it all whether you need street pole adverts, product packaging, books, business cards, presentation folders, branded gear, calendars, you name it, we can make a great design for it.


Key Graphics seamlessly combines our expertise with your knowledge of your business to define and connect every aspect of a brand experience.
We marry deep market insight with cutting edge creativity to help clients shape the future of their category, through single brands or entire portfolios.
In the future, everything that can be connected will be. Which is why our brand experiences are built around ubiquity, seamlessness and personalization in a digital world.
Unique Ideas

Any idea big or small can be brought to life. We pride ourselves on the ability to take projects right from the concept development stage, through to final production. We don’t let the process intimidate you..

Packaging Design

Product design and packaging is the new currency of innovation to create and build brand value from the inside out. Your brand represents all the tangible and intangible qualities and aspects of your business. The choice of brands represents the buyer’s feeling and perceptions about quality, lifestyle and status.

Web & Social Media

Social Media Marketing & Websites are an essential piece of your business marketing strategy. Social platforms help you connect with your customers, increase awareness about your brand, and boost your leads and sales.

We produce stunning imagery that not only translates our clients’ messages effectively, but also captivates audiences.

Above all, we aim to combine each and every project with a highly cultivated sense of design. It is what drives us to pursue new visual languages and informs not only the end product we deliver to our clients, but the entire creative process.

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